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Sevenair Group is the largest general aviation group in Portugal with over 30 years of aeronautical experience. Beyond transporting passengers across Portugal, our academy is a reference for aspiring pilots, cabin crew, flight dispatchers and maintenance technicians. We also provide technical maintenance services and aircraft brokerage services.

Fly Sevenair. Experience more with regional flights to 5 destinations in Portugal. 20 years connecting people through the air.
Sevenair Academy is the sole aviation training centre in Portugal which has both EASA ATO (Approved Training Organization) and EASA Part 147 licences, ensuring the highest quality training for Pilots and Maintenance Technicians.

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Charter Flight Sevenair Portugal

We are Ready – Charter Flights

For decades we have gained experience operating flights considered too difficult by the majority of operators. Either operating in short runways,...

Tires vai passar de aeródromo a aeroporto

Tires vai passar de Aeródromo a Aeroporto para aviação executiva

Plano prevê Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras e Autoridade Tributária em permanência. E novo ramal de saída da A5. Até julho,...



Our Sevenair Academy is proud that Cascais is one of the best destinations in Europe,  Located on the Lisbon Coast, Cascais...

More than 20 years connecting people through the air. Take one of our regional routes and experience how quick and safe your travel can be.

Sevenair Academy is today Portugal’s current leading flight training organisation (FTO). Part of the largest aviation group in Portugal, we trained thousands of graduates pursuing a career in international aviation.

Full range of airborne services, from transportation and hour building to banner towing and skydive experiences.

With a solid and skilled aeronautical team we provide extended technical services and general aviation maintenance.

Exclusive dealership of major brands. We provide aircraft, accessories and avionics sales, as well as post-sales assistance.