Sevenair Group was mentioned in Expresso as an important intervenient in the Viseu Aerodrome’s growth.

Sevenair’s bi-motor crossing Portugal at least twice a day, connecting north south through the regional line, Sevenair has provided regular transportations in less time and with a competitive price, when compared to any other means of transportation.

The first semester of 2017 has seen a growth of over 48% when compared to the previous year, increasing to 2914 the number of movements registered. Over 9030 passengers have flown from January to September, 2017. Almost over 1000 people when compared to last years’ January to December’s numbers.

Expresso representatives flew from Tires (Cascais) to Viseu in less than 50 minutes. The article reported several people regularly flying with Sevenair, the answer for a rapid and economical business trip.

“Leaving Viseu in the morning to take care of business in Portimão and returning by the end of the day (…) a routine repeated by many during the year(…)”.

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