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Sevenair Group is the largest general aviation group in Portugal with over 30 years of aeronautical experience. Beyond transporting passengers across Portugal mainland and Madeira Islands, our academy is a reference for aspiring pilots, cabin crew, flight dispatchers and maintenance technicians. We also provide technical maintenance services and aircraft brokerage services.

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Sevenair Group in Aero International Magazine

Sevenair Group appeared in the Aero International Magazine – February, 2018 Issue. A team of reporters from this large german aviation...

LusoAvia – 1st International Aviation Meeting van Lusophone Countries

O LusoAvia – 1º Encontro Internacional de Aviação dos Países Lusófonos realiza-se no Centro de Congressos de Lisboa de 12 a...

Sevenair Group genoemd in Expresso

Sevenair Group was mentioned in Expresso as an important intervenient in the Viseu Aerodrome’s growth. Sevenair’s bi-motor crossing Portugal at least...

More than 20 years connecting people through the air. Take one of our regional routes and experience how quick and safe your travel can be.

Become a pilot from 0 to ATPL graduated in 16 months. We will teach you the essentials skills to compete for an airline career.

Full range of airborne services, from transportation and hour building to banner towing and skydive experiences.

With a solid and skilled aeronautical team we provide extended technical services and general aviation maintenance.

Exclusive dealership of major brands. We provide aircraft, accessories and avionics sales, as well as post-sales assistance.