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We just passed the 12.000 mark on the number of passengers that have flown with us in our regional route Bragança – Portimão. More than 4.400 passengers when compared with last year’s results.

The airline registered an amazing 49.6% increase in occupation rate in the first 8 months of 2018 when compared to the previous period in 2017.

According to Alexandre Alves, Sevenair CCO “these growing numbers reflect the commitment to deliver quality, reliability and a regular service to our passengers”.

Thank you for trusting us. We hope to see you again on another Sevenair Airlines flight.


Sevenair Group and the Cape Verde Government have reached an agreement for the transfer of two C212-100 Aviocar aircraft and of a Jetstream 32 for medical evacuations. The company is keen to remain in Cape Verde formalizing a permanent and long-lasting relationship with Cape Verde.

Alexandre Alves, Chief Commercial Officer of Sevenair Group, revealed that the company’s commitment is to train and certify pilots and aeronautical maintenance technicians, investing very clearly in the training of these professionals from Cape Verde and on sharing knowledge

With a long-term perspective, we want to believe, without having yet any expansion plans, that this partnership might be the entry point of the company in a very promising market’ – Alexandre Alves, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

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Sevenair Academy has signed a new partnership with Fitness Hut, a ‘premium low cost ‘ network of fitness clubs spread across Portugal.

Through this partnership, access and special conditions will be given to all the staff and students of the Sevenair group.

The health of those who work with us is a concern and is part of the social responsibility policy of the Sevenair group.

Sevenair Group appeared in the Aero International Magazine – February, 2018 Issue. A team of reporters from this large german aviation magazine joined Sevenair.

During the visit to Madeira and Porto Santo the reporters had the chance to interview Captain Carlos Albuquerque and copilot João Castro onboard the Sevenair’s Jetstream 32.

The airport of Porto Santo now with 60 year has around 160,000

Passengers a year, and disproportionately more tourists than business travelers, as the island has been praised by its long sandy beach.

‘When Christopher Columbus made his way from Portugal to the (sea) road to Porto Santo, this undertaking was almost half a world trip. Today, Madeira’s small neighbor island is much faster and more convenient to reach by plane (…) Castro knows the destination like the back of his hand, because he comes from Porto Santo.’

Sevenair offers up to four daily flights between Porto Santo and Funchal.


O LusoAvia – 1º Encontro Internacional de Aviação dos Países Lusófonos realiza-se no Centro de Congressos de Lisboa de 12 a 14 de Outubro, um evento sem precedentes na história da Lusofonia

A Sevenair apoia e participa no LusoAvia como Patrocinador Gold.

O LusoAvia é um evento sem precedentes que reúne as mais importante organizações públicas e privadas do sector da aviação da Lusofonia, cuja missão é fomentar a cooperação institucional e fortalecer as relações empresariais no espaço da CPLP.

Na CPLP – Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa, cabem 9 países de 4 continentes e um total de 274 milhões de cidadãos, representativos de 12% do tráfego aéreo mundial.

Além de reunir alguns dos maiores decisores do setor da aviação, este encontro tem como objetivo primordial, estabelecer novas pontes de diálogo e criar oportunidades que fomentem a cooperação institucional e fortaleçam as relações empresariais no espaço da Comissão de Países de Língua Oficial Portuguesa.

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Sevenair Group was mentioned in Expresso as an important intervenient in the Viseu Aerodrome’s growth.

Sevenair’s bi-motor crossing Portugal at least twice a day, connecting north south through the regional line, Sevenair has provided regular transportations in less time and with a competitive price, when compared to any other means of transportation.

The first semester of 2017 has seen a growth of over 48% when compared to the previous year, increasing to 2914 the number of movements registered. Over 9030 passengers have flown from January to September, 2017. Almost over 1000 people when compared to last years’ January to December’s numbers.

Expresso representatives flew from Tires (Cascais) to Viseu in less than 50 minutes. The article reported several people regularly flying with Sevenair, the answer for a rapid and economical business trip.

“Leaving Viseu in the morning to take care of business in Portimão and returning by the end of the day (…) a routine repeated by many during the year(…)”.

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